Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program / PNP



The BC Provincial Nominee Program is PNP for short. The plan has been implemented since 2001 and covers a wide range of areas. It is a resettlement plan based on the province’s needs for human resources and investment projects. It is suitable for those who intend to settle permanently in BC, providing experienced workers and successful business people with a faster immigration process than the federal government. At present, the BC Provincial Nomination Program is mainly divided into two categories: Skills Immigration and Business Immigration.

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Express Entry / BC Skilled Immigration for International Students / BC PNP Express Entry – International Graduate

  • BC PNP Express Entry-Skilled Worker
  • BC PNP Express Entry-Healthcare Professional
  • BC Science and Technology Pilot Project / BC PNP Tech Pilot
  • International Post-Graduate

Skills Immigration / BC PNP-International Graduate

  • BC PNP-Skilled Worker
  • BC PNP-Healthcare Professional
  • BC PNP-International Graduate
  • BC PNP-International Post-Graduate
  • BC PNP-Entry Level And Semi Skilled (ELSS) Including Employment In Northeast

Business Immigration:

BC Entrepreneur Immigration is suitable for entrepreneurs who can support innovation and economic growth in BC. Once the business plan is approved by BC, the entire family can immigrate to Canada. Basically, Entrepreneur Immigration includes:

Submit Method

  • If you are nominating through Express Entry, please apply through the online system.
  • If you are nominating through the federal progras, you can also apply through paper.

You can check the latest Provincial Nominee Immigration Invitation Score and the History Scores here: 2022 BC latest Provincial Nominee Immigration Invitation Score/ BC Provincial Nominee Scores


Documents Checklist

  • Application for Permanent Residence: Guide for Provincial Nominees [IMM EP7000]
  • Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008]
  • Additional Dependants/Declaration [IMM 0008DEP]
  • Schedule A – Background/Declaration [IMM 5669]
  • Additional Family Information [IMM 5406]
  • Schedule 4: Economic Classes: Provincial Nominees [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 4]
  • Supplementary Information – Your travels [IMM 5562]
  • Separation Declaration for Minors Travelling to Canada [IMM 5604]  
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union [IMM 5409]  
  • Fee Payment Form – Application for Permanent Residence [IMM 5620]
  • Document Checklist [IMM 5690]
  • Use of a Representative [IMM 5476]


Q: After obtaining immigration status through the Provincial Nominee Program, is there any difference in obtaining status through the Canadian Federal Program?

A: There is no difference. All applicants get are the PR Card and permanent resident status. New immigrants enjoy the same welfare policies

Q: To obtain immigration status through the Provincial Nominee Program, do I have to stay in the province?

A: The applicant must intend to be a permanent resident in the nominated province, whether it is in the provincial nomination stage or the federal stage, moving to another province to live in is very likely to lead to visa refusal.
Of course, Canada’s Constitution stipulates that Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the right to move freely. After obtaining Canada’s permanent resident status, you can move freely in Canada without restrictions.


  • The service fee is charged according to the customer’s situation. If the customer’s situation is more complicated, there may be additional charges (refer to customer evaluation)



Processing Time

Program Categories Online
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
61 Days
Visitor Record
98 Days
Super Visa 88 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
7 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
11 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 56 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 23 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 106 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
106 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
5 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
11 Months
Self-employed Immigration
50 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
5 Months
Start-up Visa
39 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
11 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
24 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
7 Months
PR Card
50 Days
PR Card Renewal
74 Days

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