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Visitor Visa to Study Permit



Study Permit application made from Inside Canada. The IRCC stipulates that applicants need to have already completed their study permit application before entering Canada. However in most cases, applying for a study permit in China is not an easy task. Older applicants or those who has a master’s degree (but still apply for a foreign undergraduate degree) will often have their study permit application rejected on the grounds of “Purpose of visit”. Therefore many people will apply for a tourist visa first, and then transfer to a study visa in Canada later.


Since June 1, 2014, applicants who meet the following conditions can apply for and receive a study permit in Canada:

  • Minors who are in high school or under
  • Exchange student or visiting scholar
  • Students who have already taken short-term courses in Canada

In addition, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Legally entered and is within the period of legal residence
  • Courses taken need to meet the requirements of DLI
  • Successfully graduated from the courses, and received admission notice from college for a long-term program
  • Proof of sufficient funds

Submit Method

The approval agency for student visa applications in Canada is in Alberta, and it is relatively independent of the Beijing or Australian office that handles overseas applications, which means it is more advantageous for those who have been refused a visa. Domestic student visas is relatively easy to apply, though in recent years there has been a tendency to gradually changing into the same standards for student visas applied outside Canada. However with the help of lawyers and licensed consultants, its rate of approval is still much higher.


Q: Why do I need to transfer a student visa in China?

A: The approval rate is relatively high. Experience shows that there are successful cases for people with history of reverse reading, older age, and visa refusal.

Q: Under what circumstances can an applicant apply for a student visa in Canada?

A: According to the new policy promulgated by the Canadian Immigration Service on June 1, 2014, there are three types of people who can apply in China:
1: high school or below, children under the age of 18
2: exchange or visiting students
3: the student has completed a short-term course and has reached the admission standard of the designated college (DLI) professional program, that is, has received the professional program admission offer of the DLI college professional course.

Q: How long is the validity period of the travel visa-to-study visa?

A: The valid duration of the study visa is determined by the applicant’s applied professional program, and the duration ranges from 1 to 3 years.

Q: If the travel visa-to-study visa is only for 1 year, can it be renewed afterwards?

A: As long as you keep studying, you can apply for renewal by presenting the corresponding supporting documents.

Q: what are limitations of applying travel visa-to-study visa?

A: According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (SOR/2002-227):
215 (1) A foreign national may apply for a study permit after entering Canada if they
(f) are a temporary resident who
(i) is studying at the preschool, primary or secondary level,
(ii) is a visiting or exchange student who is studying at a designated learning institution, or
(iii) has completed a course or program of study that is a prerequisite to their enrolling at a designated learning institution;
It should be noted that applicants with a tourist visa can take courses within 6 months in Canada. Usually, applicants need to complete language schools within 6 months and successfully apply for DLI institutions before they can continue to study in Canada. If the English course is not passed within 6 months, it is impossable to process travel visa-to-study visa.


  • The service fee does not include government fees, translation fees, notarization fees, delivery fees and other third-party fees



Processing Time

Program Categories Online
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
50 Days
Visitor Record
84 Days
Super Visa 79 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
12 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
14 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 53 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 17 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 97 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
97 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
5 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
11 Months
Self-employed Immigration
50 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
5 Months
Start-up Visa
38 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
10 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
24 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
8 Months
PR Card
77 Days
PR Card Renewal
71 Days

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