NOC 4165 – Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers



Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, produce reports and administer health care policies and programs. They are employed by government departments and agencies, consulting establishments, universities, research institutes, hospitals, community agencies, educational institutions, professional associations, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.

Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

Main Duties

Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Assist in developing government health policy by reviewing relevant literature, conducting interviews, collecting and analysing statistical data, and providing advice to senior managers and officials on issues such as health promotion, regulation, standards and financing
  • Design and implement health projects or programs
  • Maintain, update and manage health information databases
  • Compile and analyse statistical information provided by private and public health care institutions and organizations and produce reports
  • Monitor and evaluate health care programs operated by government departments and agencies or private organizations
  • Assess compliance with health standards and identify remedial action if necessary
  • Conduct evaluations and assessments of health projects and programs
  • Provide consulting services to clients in private establishments or government departments or agencies
  • Respond to internal and external program and policy information requests
  • Produce newsletters, magazines and other documents to provide information to association or organization members or the general public
  • Present the views of an association or organization to politicians, government officials, the media or the general public.

Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers may specialize in a particular area of health policy development, research or program administration such as addiction research.

Employment Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in health science, public administration, recreation administration or hospital administration, or a bachelor’s degree in social science, is required.
  • A graduate degree in health, social science or an administrative discipline may be required.
  • Several years of experience in the health field as a health care professional or as a community or social service worker are usually required.

All Titles

  • accreditation officer, health and social services institution
  • child health care programs planning officer
  • clinical research associate
  • clinical research program manager
  • clinical trials co-ordinator
  • consultant, drug and alcohol abuse
  • consultant, health care
  • consultant, health care planning
  • consultant, home-care programs
  • consultant, labour force planning – health sector
  • consultant, mental health programs
  • coroner
  • dental health consultant
  • drug and alcohol abuse consultant
  • health and social services institution accreditation officer
  • health and social services liaison officer
  • health care association program officer
  • health care consultant
  • health care planner
  • health care planning consultant
  • health care planning officer
  • health care program administration officer
  • health care researcher
  • health educator
  • health policy development officer
  • health policy research analyst
  • health program information analyst
  • health promotion program officer
  • health research officer
  • health services consultant
  • health services program consultant
  • health services research officer
  • health services researcher
  • home-care programs consultant
  • labour force planning consultant – health sector
  • liaison officer, health and social services
  • long-term care program consultant
  • mental health programs consultant
  • nursing home guidelines development officer
  • nursing home policy development officer
  • officer, health care planning
  • officer, health policy development
  • planner, health care
  • planning consultant, health care
  • planning co-ordinator, district health council program
  • planning officer, child health care programs
  • planning officer, health care
  • policy development officer, health
  • policy development officer, nursing homes
  • prevention officer – occupational health and safety
  • program officer, health care association
  • program officer, health promotion
  • research analyst, health policy
  • research officer, health services
  • researcher, health care
  • wellness consultant
  • wellness co-ordinator
  • wellness program co-ordinator


  • Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers (4166)
  • Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration (0411)
  • Managers in health care (0311)
  • Social and community service workers (4212)
  • Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers (4164)



Processing Time

Program Categories Online On Paper
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
69 Days 69 Days
Visitor Record
193 Days 163 Days
Super Visa 127 Days 127 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
9 Weeks 9 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 91 Days 108 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 57 Weeks 57 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 167 Days 78 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
167 Days 78 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
21 Months 21 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
22 Months 22 Months
Self-employed Immigration
42 Months 42 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
29 Months 29 Months
Start-up Visa
32 Months 32 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
14 Months 14 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
38 Months 38 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
24 Months 24 Months
PR Card
92 Days 92 Days
PR Card Renewal
84 Days 84 Days

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