NOC 8612 – Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers



Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers perform work to assist in the construction of landscapes and related structures, and to maintain lawns, gardens, athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, landscaped interiors and other landscaped areas. They are employed by landscaping and lawn care companies, golf courses, cemeteries, and landscaping operations of public works departments and private establishments.

Progression to technical or supervisory occupations in landscaping and horticulture is possible with additional training or experience.

Main Duties

Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Spread top soil, lay sod, plant flowers, grass, shrubs and trees and perform other duties to assist with the construction of a landscape and related structures
  • Cut grass, rake, fertilize and water lawns, weed gardens, prune shrubs and trees and perform other maintenance duties as directed by supervisor
  • Maintain lawns and grass along roadsides
  • Operate and maintain power mowers, tractors, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, pruning saws, snowblowers and other landscape maintenance equipment
  • Spray and dust trees, shrubs, lawns and gardens, as directed, to control insects and disease
  • Perform other manual duties to clean and maintain landscaped environments.

Employment Requirements

  • Some secondary school education may be required.
  • A provincial licence to apply chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides may be required.

All Titles

  • applicator, chemicals – lawn care
  • bulb planter – landscaping
  • campground maintenance worker
  • cemetery labourer
  • cemetery worker
  • chemical applicator – lawn care
  • cutter, grass
  • digger, graves
  • gardener helper
  • gardening helper
  • gardening helper, landscape
  • golf course labourer
  • golf course worker
  • grass cutter
  • grave digger
  • greens worker
  • greenskeeper helper
  • grounds maintainer
  • grounds maintenance labourer
  • grounds maintenance worker
  • groundskeeper
  • groundsman/womangroundsman, groundswoman
  • groundsperson – campground
  • helper, gardener
  • helper, gardening
  • helper, greenskeeper
  • helper, landscape gardener
  • helper, landscape gardening
  • helper, plant doctor
  • helper, tree surgeon
  • keeper, grounds
  • labourer, cemetery
  • labourer, golf course
  • labourer, grounds maintenance
  • labourer, landscape
  • labourer, park maintenance
  • labourer, sod laying
  • landscape gardener helper
  • landscape gardening helper
  • landscape labourer
  • landscape worker
  • lawn care labourer
  • lawn care worker
  • lawn mower
  • lawn-mowing worker
  • maintainer, grounds
  • maintenance labourer, parks
  • maintenance worker, campground
  • maintenance worker, grounds
  • maintenance worker, parks
  • mower, lawns
  • park maintenance labourer
  • park maintenance worker
  • plant care worker
  • plant doctor helper
  • snow shoveller – grounds maintenance
  • sod layer
  • sod laying labourer
  • sprayer, trees
  • stadium groundskeeper
  • transplanter – landscape maintenance
  • tree pruner – landscaping
  • tree sprayer
  • tree surgeon helper
  • tree trimmer – landscaping
  • trimmer, trees – landscaping
  • worker, cemetery
  • worker, golf course
  • worker, greens
  • worker, grounds maintenance
  • worker, landscape
  • worker, lawn mowing
  • worker, plant care


  • Landscape and horticulture technicians and specialists (2225)
  • Nursery and greenhouse workers (8432)
  • Other trades helpers and labourers (7612)
  • Public works and maintenance labourers (7621)
  • Public works maintenance equipment operators and related workers (7522)
  • Residential and commercial installers and servicers (7441)


Processing Time

Program Categories Online On Paper
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
97 Days 97 Days
Visitor Record
82 Days 126 Days
Super Visa 94 Days 94 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
10 Weeks 10 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 131 Days 63 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 11 Weeks 11 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 130 Days 17 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
130 Days 17 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
5 Months 5 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
15 Months 15 Months
Self-employed Immigration
52 Months 52 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
5 Months 5 Months
Start-up Visa
37 Months 37 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
12 Months 12 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
23 Months 23 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
16 Months 16 Months
PR Card
66 Days 66 Days
PR Card Renewal
71 Days 71 Days

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