NOC 0911 – Manufacturing managers



Manufacturing managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a manufacturing establishment or of a production department within a manufacturing establishment, under the direction of a general manager or other senior manager. They are employed by manufacturing companies.

Progression to senior management positions is possible with experience.

Main Duties

Manufacturing managers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a manufacturing establishment or the operations or production department of a manufacturing establishment
  • Develop and implement plans to efficiently use materials, labour and equipment to meet production targets
  • Plan and manage the establishment of departmental budget
  • Develop production schedules and maintain an inventory of raw materials and finished products
  • Plan and implement changes to machinery and equipment, production systems and methods of work
  • Direct quality control inspection system and develop production reporting procedures
  • Develop equipment maintenance schedules and recommend the replacement of machines
  • Hire, supervise and train or oversee training of employees in the use of new equipment or production techniques.

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of a college or university program in engineering or business administration is usually required.
  • Five to ten years of supervisory experience in manufacturing are required.

All Titles

  • automobile interior fittings production manager
  • automobile production manager
  • brewmaster
  • business manager – manufacturing
  • cannery manager
  • clothing factory manager
  • container manufacturing manager
  • co-ordinator, production planning
  • dairy plant manager
  • director of operations, manufacturing
  • distillery manager
  • enologist
  • factory superintendent
  • field director – manufacturing
  • fish-processing plant manager
  • flour mill manager
  • food and beverage production manager
  • food production manager
  • food-processing plant manager
  • foundry manager
  • furniture factory manager
  • industrial and manufacturing production manager
  • logistics manager – manufacturing
  • lumber mill manager
  • manager, distillery
  • manager, flour mill
  • manager, manufacturing
  • manager, manufacturing company
  • manager, manufacturing industry
  • manager, metalworks fabrication
  • manager, mill
  • manager, operations – manufacturing
  • manager, paper mill
  • manager, plant
  • manager, printing
  • manager, production operations
  • manager, quality-control services
  • manager, railway rolling stock production
  • manager, steel mill
  • manager, textile mill
  • manager, textile spinning mill
  • manager, textile spinning plant
  • manager, tire plant
  • manager, tool production department
  • manufacturing company manager
  • manufacturing industry manager
  • manufacturing manager
  • manufacturing operations manager
  • manufacturing plant manager
  • manufacturing plant superintendent
  • metal works fabrication manager
  • mill manager
  • mill manager, textile spinning
  • mill superintendent
  • motor vehicle assembly plant manager
  • oenologist
  • operations manager – manufacturing
  • operations manager – public utilities
  • operations manager, manufacturing
  • packaging manufacturing plant manager
  • paper mill manager
  • pickling plant manager
  • plant assistant manager
  • plant manager
  • plant manager, manufacturing
  • plant manager, motor vehicle assembly
  • plant manager, packaging manufacturing
  • plant manager, pickling
  • plant manager, plastic products manufacturing
  • plant manager, printing
  • plant manager, rubber products manufacturing
  • plant manager, textile spinning
  • plant superintendent, manufacturing
  • plastic products-manufacturing plant manager
  • printing manager
  • printing plant manager
  • production chief
  • production head
  • production manager – manufacturing
  • production manager – printing
  • production manager, automobile interior fittings
  • production manager, railway cars
  • production manager, railway rolling stock
  • production operations manager
  • production planner
  • production planning co-ordinator
  • production planning manager
  • production senior co-ordinator
  • production superintendent
  • pulp and paper mill manager
  • quality-control services manager
  • railway car production manager
  • railway rolling stock production manager
  • refinery superintendent
  • rubber products-manufacturing plant manager
  • steel mill manager
  • superintendent, factory
  • superintendent, mill
  • superintendent, production
  • superintendent, refinery
  • textile mill manager
  • textile spinning-mill manager
  • textile spinning-plant manager
  • tire plant manager
  • tool production department manager
  • winery manager


  • Facility operation and maintenance managers (0714)
  • Managers in transportation (0731)
  • Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities (0016)
  • Utilities managers (0912)



Processing Time

Program Categories Online On Paper
Canadian visa application processing time
Temporary Resident Visa
97 Days 97 Days
Visitor Record
82 Days 126 Days
Super Visa 94 Days 94 Days
Study Permit Made Outside Canada
10 Weeks 10 Weeks
Study Permit Made Intside Canada
4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 131 Days 63 Days
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Outside Canada 11 Weeks 11 Weeks
Post Graduation Work Permit Made Inside Canada 130 Days 17 Days
Briding Open Work Permit
130 Days 17 Days
Canadian immigration application processing time
Express Entry
5 Months 5 Months
Provincial Nominee Program
15 Months 15 Months
Self-employed Immigration
52 Months 52 Months
Federal Skilled Worker Program
5 Months 5 Months
Start-up Visa
37 Months 37 Months
Spouse/CommonLaw Sponsorship
12 Months 12 Months
(Grand) Parents Sponsorship
23 Months 23 Months
Canadian Citizenship/PR Card processing time
16 Months 16 Months
PR Card
66 Days 66 Days
PR Card Renewal
71 Days 71 Days

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