Medical Certificate of Birth Sample


In China, the “Medical Certificate of Birth” is uniformly printed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and numbered uniformly by provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government. The National Health and Family Planning Commission is in charge of the national “Medical Birth Certificate” process, and entrusts the health administrative departments at all levels to be responsible for the specific affairs management of the “Medical Birth Certificate” within their jurisdiction.

The “Medical Birth Certificate” must be issued by a health care institution that has approved the provision of midwifery technical services and obtained a “Maternal and Infant Health Care Technical Service License” in accordance with the law.

A medical birth certificate is an indispensable material in the process of applying for a Canadian tourist visa or studying in Canada. If you have any problems with the certification you issued, please check the requirements in your application carefully, or Contact us Consult.

How to prepare

Applicants need to fill out the form and go to the hospital where the newborn is borned to issue the Medical Certificate of Birth.

The self-filling form generally has the following contents: parent’s name, ID number, nationality, baby’s name, baby’s household registration address, mother’s residence address, bed number, etc. If you haven’t thought about the baby’s name when you are just hospitalized, you can use a nickname instead (under normal circumstances, the hospital will fill in the words “son of xxx” and “daughter of xxx”). Within 3 months of birth, applicants can go to the hospital in exchange for an official birth certificate. The official birth certificate needs to specify the official name of the child, and it is difficult to change once printed.

  • Fill in the “Medical Birth Certificate Self-Filling Form” issued by the hospital where you baby is borned. Some of the contents are filled out by the doctor, and the individual fills in the part (the wrong filling can be crossed out and rewritten). After filling in, you can go to change the official birth certificate.
  • Check carefully when you receive the Medical Birth Certificate. If you find any errors, you should contact the hospital in time. The “Birth Certificate” is all printed by machine, and the content “cannot be changed in principle” (this sentence is the original words in the self-filling form, it seems that there is still room for modification, but it is still not recommended to take risks).
  • The “Medical Birth Certificate” is a valid legal document for the baby and should be kept properly.
  • In order to ensure the validity of the medical birth certificate, the seal should be properly stored after drying, and should not be folded, torn, or over-plasticized.

After the issuance is completed, you can go to the notary office for notarization to get the notarized certificate.

Medical Certificate of Birth Sample

*We provide templates for reference only, please refer to the specific situation of your application for details*

File Name: Medical-Certificate-of-Birth-Sample.pdf



Q: Who has a medical birth certificate?

A: The birth medical certificate has only been issued since 2014. After many changes, there are different versions of the birth medical certificate. If your child was born after 2014, a medical birth certificate will be issued directly. Children born before 2014 can also go to the local hospital for a medical birth certificate.

Q:What is the difference between the old and new birth medical certificates?

A:The old version of the “Medical Birth Certificate” is a special long and narrow layout with a green certificate shell, while the new version is A4 paper size, and the content is divided into three parts. In addition to the birth medical certificate kept by the family of the newborn, it also includes a supplementary page of the birth medical certificate.
The new version of the birth certificate also adds the registration of the detailed information of both parents of the newborn. Also, the new version of the “Medical Birth Certificate” consists of three parts: the front page, the sub-page and the stub, and 6 anti-counterfeiting marks have been added, and several invisible anti-counterfeiting marks can be seen in the sun.

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